Show 312- 7 Years Later- Success Story w/Carla Romo

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Topic: 7 Years Later- Success Story w/Carla Romo
In November of 2018, Carla Romo came to me having launched her Dating & Relationship coaching business that January.
She had worked with a coach who helped her start her business and now she was looking for someone to help take it to the next level.
At the time she had only had 4 paying clients that she got on her own. She wasn’t making enough money to live off of and wanted help with these specific things:
1. Growing my following(email list, discovery calls, website views, etc.)
2. Getting more specific on my ideal client and where to find her
3. Learn skills on how to effectively close a sales call and create a sales system
4. Learn how to market my services better and learn any holes that I can strengthen So where is she now… close to 7 years later???
Come join our relaxed conversation so you can hear behind the scenes of almost 7 years into a full time coaching business!
CHECK OUT CARLA’S WEBSITE: https://CarlaRomo.com/

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