The Why of Selling Coaching

Jeff saw the huge need for real life mentor coaching to assist part time coaches, who are passionate about their craft, to take the leap and create a full time coaching career. 

He sees a huge gap in post graduate education on what is available for coaches to be successful in business.  While there are a lot of step-by-step programs and general information out there on “how to create a successful business”, he couldn’t find anything that specifically addressed what he knows made the difference for him… fine tuning the skillset of selling.

Without understanding the art of selling, the psychology and the process to make it fun, Jeff will boldly admit that no one could create a financially successful and sustainable business without it.

From Jeff’s point of view, you can’t teach selling in steps, blueprints, scripts or formulas.  Like coaching, sales is not a mechanical process but rather organic and flows in the moment. 

We need to learn from listening, observing and practicing real time.  We must do and learn as we go.  You can’t sit and read and hide behind your computer, you deserve to get out there!

Jeff is not only passionate about teaching you what’s and how’s… but mostly WHY we do it so you understand.  You will quickly observe his coaching style is engaging and “in the trenches” with real life examples so you can learn from what works or what doesn’t versus theory.

About Jeff

Jeffrey St Laurent graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a BS in Exercise Physiology.  He opened his own personal training business and became a leader in the fitness industry with a career spanning 20 years. 

He was featured on dozens of educational fitness DVDS distributed around the world and had the opportunity to do work with clients such as Nike and Microsoft where he was featured on Xbox One Fitness.  

Constantly looking to grow and find new ways to help people, he attended and graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2004. 

It was there he fell in love with coaching and shifted his focus to open his own Seminar and Coaching Company TrueYouNow.com

Jeff took the leap from part-time coach and made it his full time career in late 2004 and has never looked back. 

Since then he has devoted over to 10,000 coaching hours with clients and is a highly sought after presenter and business coach. 


Jeffrey is the author of the highly inspiring book “Being Fulfilled” as well as four other personal and business development audio training programs that benefit entrepreneurs at all levels of conscious development.

Jeff’s WHY is simple: “To be a part of people’s success.” Knowing he can be or help create the catalyst to change someone’s life for the better is what drives him.

On a personal level Jeff likes a simple, quiet life…whether it is tending to his property, detailing his car or watching a movie in his home theatre, he loves to be at home… or playing board games with his friends. Jeff stays fit and active with Crossfit, Lifting weights with his son and is an avid golfer! 

There is nothing better than spending time with the people he loves the most… friends, parents and one younger brother and wife who have three beautiful children. 

Jeff is most proud of his family he has created with Alyssa, their 15 year old son, Keaton, and their fur babies Lucy and Kobe.  Family is the one piece that gives him the most joy and fulfillment!

Jeff has had the great opportunity to work with companies such as: