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Private Mentor Coaching:

(1 Person)  100% Personalized

Note: this is an extremely limited option.  I only take a limited number of private 1-1 clients each week due to the involvement I create with them

  • Ideal for someone who is close to taking the leap and quitting their job to become a full time coach… or super serious about creating a plan to do so.
  • This entrepreneur wants the most individual attention and specific help… to have me guide them to see their dream through to reality.
  • Define a specific business model that will create the lifestyle you dream of.
  • Through our back and forth emails and calls, I help you gain potential clients and get paid by:

Assisting you with responding to potential clients’ e-mails and calls.

Assisting you with specific approaches for clients, companies and transitioning leads into business.

  • Teach you why we do what we do so you can learn and do it yourself successfully.

To apply for Private Mentor Coaching, please fill out the form below now.

Semi-Private Mentor Coaching:

(2-3 people) Semi-Personalized
  • We create the same partnership as Private Mentor Coaching. Here you share your time and focus with one or two other people.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs who are actively pursuing the growth of their coaching business.
  • The group is at a similar spot in their business looking at similar topics for mentor coaching.
  • I am actively involved with the group and driving each person’s success within it.
  • There is individual time on these calls. Because there is a common topic, each person benefits not only from the individual time but also gains huge value from listening to the work of the other people.
  • Calls can be recorded if someone happens to miss a call last minute or the group wants it to review the information again.

If you have a small group organized and ready to go, want to organize one or want to learn more about Semi-Private Mentor Coaching, please fill out the form below now.

Private & Semi-Private Mentor Coaching

Develop your Brand Image, Business Name, Niche, Message, Target Audience and Content

Create Products to Sell including authoring a book

Develop seminars and workshops

Guide you on your website and creating that platform

Strategies and a financial plan for leaving your job

Understand how to effectively market and get leads

Make the complimentary session more effective to convert more people to paying clients.

And MUCH more!

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I limit the number of Private and Semi-Private Client sessions I do on a weekly basis to keep the individuality and personal attention high. Due to that and a high demand for coaching, new clients will be scheduled on a first decide, first serve basis.

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