#1 Question to Ask Ourselves to Get Leads

This question will be critical you ask yourself daily so you can grow your database and get leads so you can grow your coaching business and get paid.

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Video Transcript

#1 Question to Ask Ourselves to Get Leads

I’m Jeffrey St Laurent with SellingCoaching.com and today I’m going to teach you the number one question we deserve to ask ourselves in order to get leads.

So what’s the question? It’s pretty simple. Who can put us in front of people? Our number one job as a coach is to get out from behind the computer and speak in front of people, whether it’s at a live event, in person, or it’s on the phone, we are in front of people speaking, we’re sharing our message we’re sharing our energy, we’re sharing our wisdom, we’re sharing whatever it is that we have to share.

The point of that is, people need to see us and they need to hear us, they need to experience all that in order for them to hire us or even consider hiring us as a coach, or buying some of our products or using some of our services, they need to get who we are, and they’re not going to get who we are by something that we write, or even something that they see online. They’re going to need to see us live, they need to feel that energy, like I said, in person or on the phone.

So again the question, who can put me in front of people? So our job is to do seminars, it’s to do telephone classes and ideally we’re connecting with people who have a database of people, people who that actually like us. Maybe they’ve experienced us before, maybe in a past job that you’ve worked, a past career, maybe it’s a current client of yours, someone that’s worked with you before in some capacity, maybe it’s a best friend, maybe it’s a family member whoever that person is, they like you, they like your energy, they like your message, they like who you represent, they like who you are, and they have a database of people. Maybe that’s their employees, maybe it’s the church, maybe it’s through a job, whatever the case is, they want to put you in front of their people.

They’re like, “Yeah, I love to have you come in to speak to my employees. I’d love to put you in front of my group of people”, whatever it is, the point is that they’re going to edify you. They’re going to promote you, they’re going to bring you in and you’re going to show up, you’re going to call in, or you’re going to show up at this event and there’s going to be a bunch of people there, and what does a bunch of people mean? It means one, it means 5, 50 it means 5000.

It doesn’t matter when it comes to speaking or doing events if it’s one, if it’s a hundred, great. Get in front of them speak, show your energy, you never know who those people are. They could be potential clients, they could also be people that could put you in front of other people at different events. But share your message, get in front of those people and you want those people to edify you. You want them to say; “Hey, look at this guy I have worked with him. Look at this girl, they’re the best. Here’s how I know them. Here’s how I’ve worked with them. Here’s why I’m putting them in front of you. You deserve to hear the message. You deserve to see what they can, we can do for you.”

So you need to get in front of those people to share what you do, and they begin to learn a little bit more about you, your message, your energy, and now they can start to see themselves potentially working with you. That’s the whole point of this question. So who can put me in front of people? Who do I know? Who would I like to connect with?

So your challenge. Make a list. Make a list from your database. Think of it like I said, people that you work with, your friends, your family, past careers, current careers, current clients, past clients, anyone that you know who could put you in front of people and set an event up. Set an event up on the phone, set an event up live. I don’t care what it is.  Two weeks! That’s your challenge! You can get in front of people in two weeks. It might overwhelm you but that’s our objective.

So one more time; who can put me in front of people? Get in front of people. Share the message and I guarantee if you do that enough, not only are you going to start to build your database, but you’re going to start to have some complimentary sessions, you’re going to start getting clients as well, and start selling your product if you have those, and that’s what this is all about.

So if you’re ready to take that leap, always remember, Selling Coaching is the absolute best way for you to fast track your business from part-time hobby to a full time career. Get out there, GET LEADS, GET CLIENTS and GET PAID!

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