Call#7- How to effectively GET LEADS at an event and FOLLOW UP to GET CLIENTS

Topic: How to effectively GET LEADS at an event and FOLLOW UP to GET CLIENTS

Points covered:

  • How to create an offer at an event that gets people to sign up
  • Two use now strategies to implement at an event to get contact info
  • Why these strategies are so important versus a general “sign in sheet”
  • Why to not answer questions when people ask you
  • Why NOT to give out your contact information and what to do
  • Real, use now language on how to gauge interest of potential clients
  • Effective strategies on following up with leads after events- live or virtual


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Meet the two amazing coaches from the call!

Rebekah Kane

I entered Jeff’s call with a sense of needing to learn more about how to best engage with prospective clients and the leads I was generating from my workshops.  I gained a new perspective and incredible insight into how I can be more efficient and focused on qualifying prospective clients, by asking intentional questions from the moment that they express interest in coaching, both in person and via email.  I can engage any prospective client by beginning to coach them through empowering questions, to best understand their needs and wants. This leads me to more effectively presenting my value and benefits to them.  I learned how to approach the process as more of an ongoing dialogue rather than jumping to that complimentary coaching session as fast as possible.  Jeff gave such effective and helpful examples!  Thanks, Jeff!”


Susan Rose

“For me the biggest take aways from last night’s call are:
  • Follow ups are another opportunity to ask questions.  In addition to addressing the purpose of the communication (i.e., thanking them for attending your event, scheduling a complimentary session, etc), by asking a couple questions, we can easily further the relationship.
  • Prep questions for complimentary sessions to further qualify them.
  • Making each communication more intentional. . .with intentional questions.
  • Create – Non-intimidation connection point”

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