Call #3 (Part I of II) “I Don’t Have the Money” – How to handle the money objection

Part I of II

Topic: I Don’t Have the Money

How to handle the money objection

Points covered:

  • Tips on Entrepreneurship
  • #1 tip on this objection
  • What does “I don’t have the money” REALLY mean?
  • Breaking down what an objection really is
  • Why is it given?
  • How to prevent it before it is given
  • How to handle it when it is given… #1 go to question
  • To be continued next week…


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Testimonial After Call

Thank you for creating this community, I love the way you give so much great information and you really don’t require anything in return. You are just giving it away. It really does make me feel like you are building trust, and when the timing is right for me as a coach to invest in my next step, I could see myself calling you. I really appreciate your effort and I have another great coach to model! Cheers from Alaska!”

-Julie Danielson

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