patrickI have been very diligent in keeping my organization and family time running smoothly. You and the CD’s have really made a major impact in my life. You have gotten me to really focus on the important things in life and actually made me rethink a lot of things that I thought were important. I have come so far on this journey with your guidance and support. You have opened my mind in ways that I always new it could be opened…but never really knew how to get there! I cannot THANK YOU enough.

  I’m positive (because of you and the CD’s) I can carry on and grow and now question things differently and come up with better answers /solutions to my situations. You have done your job to well (that is meant as a complement.) You really have taken me from a low / disorganized mindset in my life to a very high organized/ efficient and rewarding place. (I won’t say highest place, because you have taught me that there are no LIMITS, only the limits you put on yourself and in our own minds.)
Jeff…..I THINK AT A HIGHER LEVEL on a daily basis now and that is a direct result of your help, knowledge and support. Again, I thank you!
– Patrick

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