Show#207- Creating your first (or next) live virtual event to get clients

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Topic: Creating your first (next) live virtual event to get clients

As coaches we want paying clients… not only so we can help them but also to practice and hone our coaching skill set… AND GET PAID to do what we love!

Doing live events is one of the best ways to get clients… so when is yours? If you cannot answer that then that is exactly what I am going to be talking about and challenging you you to do on this Live Show!

If you are a coach wanting to get paid and want to learn how check out the

14 Day- GoProChallenge for Coaches

Learn the Fundamental Mechanics That Get Your Message to the World and Get You Paid!


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  1. Andin Edwards

    Jeffrey as one of your last 14 day GoPro Challenger I take this as an encouragement to keep going . I am actually thinking about doing another event!

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