Show#206- Charging for coaching vs giving it for free

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Topic: Charging for coaching VS giving it for free

When we are learning to become a coach we typically will do coaching pro bono to get experience and testimonials. Even sometimes, for a while after, coaches will do the same if they are not getting any clients as they want to maintain their skill set.

Then when there are hard times like we have been experiencing I have seen coaches also giving away their coaching two reasons:

1. They feel guilty for charging people who are going through a hard time

2. They feel it is the right thing to do

In either case, they’re giving their coaching away for free…

These actions, while helpful for developing their coaching skill set, do not help create a thriving business.

So to help, on this Live Tuesday Show I will be going over how to begin charging for your coaching versus giving it away and begin building a business that pays you!

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