Call #2- Closing a Complimentary Session

Topic: Closing a Complimentary Session(assuming we have a qualified lead)

Points covered:

  • Define what a qualified lead is
  • What to ask right in the beginning of the call
  • What we are looking for through the call
  • Things to focus on during the call to add value to what we do
  • What questions to ask BEFORE you talk pricing and sessions
  • What to SAY to share your pricing once you have those questions answered
  • Working thru objections… if you get any
  • Getting paid… the do’s and don’ts

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Testimonial After Call

Thanks so much Jeff that was such a great call! My biggest take away was not giving out price until you feel like they are actually ready and committed.  I look forward to next week!”

-Hiba Hakim 

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