Call#24- How To Accept Payment from a New Client

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Points Covered:

• Qualifying Leads
• Strategies to ask for the sale
• Strategies to accept payments
• Improve your conversion
• Specific language you can use to get more clients

My Recommendation from the call for Accepting Credit Cards:

To process credit cards you need a payment gateway, I recommend:


If you click that link it takes you right to the application…You would choose “Payment Gateway & Merchant Account: once you get there. This gives you the virtual terminal, and recurring payments for people who want to do payment plans like I mention in the call.

They have a onetime set up fee of $49.  The monthly cost is normally $25/month but I am an affiliate and was able to get it for my peeps for $15/mo.  A whole lot better than the $30 of Pay Pal with the other benefits I mentioned.

When you sign up it will be at the $25/month rate…. Once you do that, contact Jim below and let him know I referred you and he will take you to the $15/mo before the first bill!

Jim Drake | Strategic Alliance Manager
Authorize.Net®  a CyberSource Solution
Tel 801-492-6481 | Fax 650-286-6631

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