Show#266- Niching from your story Success Story w/Marc Singer

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Topic: Niching from your story: Success Story w/Marc Singer

Finding your niche is probably one of the biggest challenges for coaches starting off.

One of the best ways to understand who you are marketing to comes from your story. Yet most coaches have trouble embracing their past and using it to help others now.

One of my clients who has done this well is Marc Singer and I am thrilled to have him as a guest on this Tuesday Live Show so you can understand his process!

He just wrapped up with my GoProElite Group Mentor Coaching Program over the past 5 months. I want to share the details of his rise into doing his coaching business so far and how he was able to understand his market and leverage it well.

If you are a coach wanting to understand the REAL work it takes to become a full time coach… the ups, downs and realities along the way… this is a must watch interview!


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