Top 4 Revenue Producing Activities

If we want to take the leap to a full time coaching career we must create time daily for at least one or more of these revenue producing activities.

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Video Transcript

Top 4 Revenue Producing Activities

I’m Jeffrey St Laurent with SellingCoaching.com and today we’re going to learn the top 4 revenue producing activities to get you paid.

There are lots of activities we can do as an entrepreneur. It’s imperative however that no matter what time we have set aside for business hours each day that we have some dedicated time in there set aside for these revenue-producing activities.

It’s important that you understand not only what they are but why we do them, because these are activities that lead to you directly getting paid.

Each of these I’m going to go over briefly now but also on some of them I have some elaborated videos because they wanted more a lot more time and a lot more information in detail for you fully understand what and why we do them. I also go through this in my book, Being Fulfilled.  Some of them in detail and also how to schedule them most effectively.

The first revenue-producing activity is setting up events.

This is the number one activity because it allows us to get in front of people and allows us to share our message. It doesn’t matter if this is in person or over the phone. Either way you’ve got to get out there and set up events. It’s the quickest way and the best way because it takes us from get leads to get paid the quickest.

It allows us to showcase who we are, our message, and our energy. It allows people to see us and experience that live, whether as I said, on the phone or in person, they trust us the quickest and therefore as a result of that you’re going to get leads not only for your database, which is an important part of our business… it’s about building a database, but it’s going to get real quality leads that we are most likely going to turn into coaching clients the quickest from events because people get to see us live when they feel our energy or they hear us live.

That’s why setting up events is the number one revenue-producing activity. And we need to have time in the schedule on a daily basis in order to do this. Make a list of the top companies, the top people that you want to get involved with and get on the phone with them. It’s not email, it’s on the phone with them. Use email as a follow-up.

The second top revenue producing activity is book more billable hours.

At the beginning of every week, the beginning every day I’m looking at my schedule and I have in my mind the number of coaching clients that I want to have on a weekly basis. And whatever that number is, I want to make sure I have that number plus a little bit because ultimately people will change their schedule, cancel, get sick whatever the case may be, and I want to at least have a minimum number of coaching clients on a weekly basis.

So I’ve got to book more billable hours so I’ve got to look at that number, I’m going to make sure that that’s filled and that stays filled each and every week. So any gaps, any spots that I want to fill or maybe I finished the previous week a little bit lower because of schedule changes etc., maybe it was on my own or from clients…  and I want to maintain a certain number for the week or for the month and I always know where that is in my head or written down on paper because that’s important for our revenue, you want to keep your revenues at a certain level or higher.

So I’m looking at those gaps and I’m looking at those numbers and I’m trying to fill those spots, and I’m on the phone, I’m with email, and I’m following up with people, and I am finding clients that are either existing clients that maybe I haven’t met in a while, that need to book a session, maybe there’s a 2 or 3 week gap between some of my clients, maybe they need to book a session sooner than later.

I’m looking to fill those even with maybe complimentary sessions, with some leads that I have, and maybe to have and follow through with him yet. But the whole point is as I’m on that phone trying to book more billable hours
When I’m with existing clients, maybe some clients like work and some businesses if you do some corporate coaching or they have a leadership team, finding other spots, always digging up new opportunities… who else can I meet with? Could I meet with this person this week? What about the CEO? What about the sales manager? So I’m looking to fill spots and fill my schedule. That’s an active thing that we must do on a daily and weekly basis.

The third top revenue-producing activity is email marketing.

This is a fairly big one so I’m going to elaborate on this even more in my video. Make sure you check it out – “How to do effective email marketing”. But as a brief snapshot here email marketing is the lifeblood to our marketing.

In our business the whole object of our businesses is to do events, connect with people. We do that, we add them to our email database. So at a minimum we want to be sending out at least one email to that group each and every week, and in terms of the contents of the email, I’ll go over more on the video but it’s education based marketing, it’s sharing videos, it’s sharing stuff we are writing, recordings on our blog for our websites, driving traffic to our website from our existing database and it is keeping us in in front of these people. It’s marketing us.

But it’s not only so much doing this email marketing on at least once a week basis, but it’s also what we do on the back end of that. It’s following through, seeing who’s opening, seeing who’s clicking through and what they’re clicking through to allows us to figure out who we should be following up with. Again, to draw in more potential business.

The fourth top revenue producing activity is following up with leads.

It’s existing clients and the hottest, most newest leads that we follow up with first and then after that it would be any of the leads that aren’t old per se, but maybe that are still pretty hot leads even though they’re older that you think that have some pretty good potential, or maybe some older clients following up on finding out kind of where they are, what’s going on etc..

The whole point of following up with leads whether past or present, is to do some of the things we’ve already talked about. It’s to set up events. It’s to book more coaching billable hours. It’s to ask for referrals.

But the whole point of this is we are getting out there. Following up is such a huge aspect. And, and I always find that in our business you’ve got to follow-up on a lot longer than you think with people before you actually turn that into business.

That’s where a lot of people falter. They’ll call someone or they’ll, they won’t even call people, they’ll just email them once maybe after event, or after a connection and the person may or may not get back to them and that’s it. You may get back to them maybe one more time and that’s it. But some of these people you got to follow up on a long-term basis in order to follow through and turn that into business.

That’s just another reason why email marketing as a revenue-producing activity is so important. It’s because that’s our way of following up with our whole database on a general level through our weekly emails and whatever putting out in that respect. So following up is a vital part that’s going to produce you revenue.

If you notice revenue-producing activities are either marketing activities or following up with those marketing activities with the leads that we got from them to gauge who’s interested, who could use our products and services whether they are raising their hands saying “Hey, I’m interested”, whether through conversations etc. You’re seeing that they have a need that can be met for our products and services.

And then it’s following up on those, so hopefully we can sell our products and services to those people. These activities are vital that we do on a daily basis. So especially if you’re part-time you know, it’s, whether it’s a one hour block you have set aside for your business hours, 3, 6, or 8 hour block it doesn’t matter what it is, you’ve got to put aside some time each and every day for at least one or more of these revenue-producing activities.

If you don’t do that, it’s going to make it near impossible for you to get paid and take that leap from part-time hobby to a full-time career.

So the thing about this is a lot of people, a lot of coaches find these activities challenging, because a lot of it means you’ve got to get in front of people and you got to speak, you got to get on the phone, you’ve got to call people. It’s not about emailing and staying behind your computer, it’s about calling these people and creating a conversation, creating a back-and-forth dialogue with there’s energy, you can get a sense and a feel for where that person is in terms of their needs and their timing of those needs and then approaching the transition to maybe asking that they need to consider working with you, or worked with a coach before.

So that’s challenging for a lot of us. And through these videos, and through what I’m teaching at SellingCoaching.com at the University, my hope is that you become a lot more comfortable with them and create that success that you’re looking for.

If you’re ready to take that leap, Selling Coaching is the absolute best way to fast track your business from part-time hobby to a full time career. Now get out there, GET LEADS, GET CLIENTS and GET PAID!

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