Out on the basketball court

At the beginning of the summer I had great intentions to play ball… well here I am mid-August doing it…

I share a valuable lesson you can use with something you have been “wanting” to do… but haven’t… even with the greatest intentions.

Remember that Success is simply the next step in a series of steps.  The next step could be your success if you CHOOSE to take it!

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REAL LIFE WITH JEFF is so that you can get to know Jeff in real life…

In our business… especially as coaches… YOU are the brand.

We are selling your energy, passion, message and personality. You are a character and your people must get to know YOU not only as a business person but as a REAL person as well.

I talk about how important videos are in sharing who we are with our message… and this same format is great for people getting to know you as a character!

The best part is the videos can be quick, casual and simply showcase YOU in a real live environment.

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  1. Nicole

    Woohoo! Way to go Jeff. You are so right about the next step could be your success if you CHOOSE to take it.
    Thank you for sharing.

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