Show#273- Getting your finances right even if you haven’t earned money yet!

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Topic: Getting your finances right- even if you haven’t earned money yet!

Let’s talk money!

Most people are embarrassed to talk about money. They have trouble asking for money. They have debt and no real financial plan for the future.

Now you find yourself with a business. Even if you have not earned any money in your business yet, it is vital that you begin to take on some financial responsibility so you can have a financial future. That starts NOW!

On this Tuesday Live Show I will be talking about some simple things you can do to improve your fiscal situation and prepare it for what you need to do in your business when you are earning money.

This is not financial advising or anything like that… it is simply taking what I have learned and sharing some key learnings that have helped me create a financial future for myself so that you might do the same!

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