Show#274- Facebook went down! Now what?

with Jeffrey St Laurent

Topic: Facebook went down! Now what?

Did you see that Facebook went down not too long ago for a good 6 hours?

So many people have built their business relying only on Facebook, Instagram and other social media to connect with their audience.

I know… I have a Facebook Group with 3000+ members and with a blink of an eye… after building it for five plus years… it was gone! Then what? How do I communicate with my audience? How do I help them? How do I follow up? Make an offer?

If Faccebook was the only place I built my audience, I literally would have lost my business and it was COMPLETELY OUT OF MY CONTROL!

This is a great opportunity to reinforce what I have been teaching forever… the importance of growing your audience with you email lists and using a service like Aweber. http://jsl.aweber.com

Because of this important topic, I will be elaborating on this today on my Tuesday Live Show!

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