Why It’s So Important To Create A Blog

A blog is a crucial piece of our marketing system. This video not only outlines the importance of a blog, but it shows how it is effectively used in our marketing and why.

This will also teach you how a blog lends it self toward building your database which is our number one objective in our coaching business.

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Video Transcript

Why It’s So Important To Create A Blog

I’m Jeffrey St Laurent with SellingCoaching.com and today I am going to teach you why it is so important to create a blog.

When it comes to us marketing to Get Leads… a blog is a common choice for us getting our content out there.

To be effective with your blog you must understand the purpose of it when it comes to building your business to Get Paid.

In my video titled: #1 Objective In Our Business, I talk about why building our database is our number one objective.

A blog is part of your marketing system that will help you build your database in two ways:

  • It will serve as free education based content that you can drive traffic to. When the people consume it and like what you are teaching them, they are more than likely going to want more. They will subscribe to your database with their email… maybe subscribe to your YouTube channel or like your Facebook page… either way they are now a part of your database.
  • Which brings me to the second reason a blog helps you get leads because now when they are a part of your database, every time you release new content, which at a minimum should be weekly, they will be notified. It is our way of staying in front of our potential customers every week and not having to try and sell them something… like: “buy my book” or “hire me as your coach” or “come to my seminar.” It’s us giving them free education based content that can help them.

Think of your blog as a hub for your education. It is a base where all of your information is anchored.  You will post your content on different platforms that you have identified your target market hangs out… like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest… but while it is scattered in those places…your blog is the base where all of your information is anchored and organized.

This makes a blog a great choice because it doesn’t matter if having a blog is cool or it is in or out of style… it is more of a platform for your education in a form that is easily managed by you and consumed by your customers.

You don’t have to call it a “blog.”  Now a day’s most everyone has heard that term so they are familiar with it… but you can call it other things and will serve the same purpose.  You might call it, Coaches Corner, or  Education Playground or Free Education, or Thoughts by Jeff… On my Selling Coaching site I call it my University.

And again my University serves those two purposes for building my database:  I am out there on platforms like Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube do advertising, and posting my content and that drives people to my Selling Coaching University where they now not only see the content that got them there, but now there is so much more.

Once they like it, they subscribe to my database where I even give them more great value like above with my Free Gift on the Truth About Becoming A Full Time Coach.

And now each week when I put out new content you are notified, when I do my Selling Coaching Community Call on Tuesday Nights you are notified… and again notified when the recording is out… All this free and valuable content is an opportunity for me to stay in front of you and get you to come back for more because it is helping you.

This is what I want you to do with your website and blog… to use it like this…

I just outlined how your blog is part of your marketing system that will help you build your database… and now that you continually post new content to your blog… and your database is on your site more… it will help you Get Leads for potential sales because eventually… the timing will be right for these people, and they will see your products and services and buy one of them, or hire you as their coach or attend one of your events.

Remember selling is about two things… need and timing.  People buy not only when the need is big enough, but more importantly when the timing is right.  So it is imperative that we continually market through this free education we post on our blog and get it in front of them because while today the timing might not be right, but tomorrow it may just be… and if you are not top of mind… they will go find someone else!

So if you’re ready to take that leap, always remember Selling Coaching is the absolute best way to fast-track your business from a part-time hobby to a full-time career. Now get out there, GET LEADS, GET CLIENTS and GET PAID.

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