Why It’s So Important To Create A Video Blog

If you are serious about taking the leap to a full time coaching career creating a video blog is only going to speed up that process.

This video outlines why it will do that and hopefully sell you on doing one yourself as it will allow you to get paid sooner than later by getting more clients now!

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Video Transcript

Why It’s So Important To Create A Video Blog

I’m Jeffrey St Laurent with SellingCoaching.com and today I am going to teach you why it is so important to create a video blog.

When we create content for our blog there are three formats: written, audio and video.

Most people will write. While writing can be effective, it leaves out vital elements that help move the selling process along at a much quicker pace.

Another format is a recorded audio which is much better than writing.  A recorded call or interview is very powerful as it can convey energy, emotion, tone and so much more that is left out in a written format.  A lot of people will post their audio recordings in a Pod Cast format… either way, the hub of where all your content will be is your blog… or whatever you end up calling it.

I have my Tuesday Night Selling Coaching Community call where not only can you attend it live but then I post it in my Selling Coaching University in that category.  While I might host it as a pod cast on other sites like iTunes… it is always in my University

The last format to create content in your blog is a video. Video is by far the best format over any of the three and I would highly urge you to create a video blog.  And today I am going to give you the top reasons why.

  • Speeds up the buying decision of a potential customer- Just like a live event where someone sees you at a seminar… a video conveys energy, emotion, personality and tone… and they get to know you quicker and all this speeds up the buying decision of a potential customer because they begin to do one thing… trust you. People can’t trust you till they get to know you and what you represent… a video is step that can speed up that process of trust.
  • Makes someone aware that they need a product or service you offer- The thing about coaching is that the average person doesn’t wake up one day and say… I need to hire a coach. People don’t know they need a coach, or even what a coach is for that matter until they see you and hear what you teach.  As they begin to connect with your message they begin to think… wow, I like this person… I bet they could help me.  Then they check out your site and learn more of what you do and offer.  It is only a matter of time before they reach out and buy a product or service of yours.
  • A video puts a human face to your brand– Remember WE are the brand when it comes to what we do. People need to see you and who you are…it is a vital step in the process of someone creating a buying decision.  They need to get to know you and a video is a great first step.
  • Creates a fuller picture of who you are– Go watch a Ted Talk or someone delivering educational content… what does it do for you?  We get to know their energy, message and philosophy.  You see more of the full picture of who they are, what they represent and their message.  This is vital for us as coaches.
  • Creates credibility- a published video that is fairly well edited and shot can give us credibility as well. Now a day’s most people get their information from the internet and take it as gold.  When they begin to see you have a library of videos In your University or You Tube Channel, when they see people subscribing and commenting… there is a subconscious level of credibility you gain in their eyes, they become impressed with what you do and credibility ultimately leads to an easier buying decision.
  • Shows confidence and belief in your message- Who is going to get their ass in front a video camera and share their message? It must be someone who has confidence in themselves and their message… someone who believes in what they teach… someone who owns what they teach… again, this is subconscious, but just the fact that you are creating a video shows a potential customer that you are the real deal and believe in what you teach.
  • Differentiates you from others- there are SO many coaches out there… but what makes you and your message different from the others? Let’s take a topic such as this video… the top reasons to create a video blog.  Let’s say I wrote the script for it and gave it to 10 of you and gave you permission to use exactly as it is for your blog.  9 of you take the EXACT same script and publish it on your blog as an article for people to read.  One of you takes the exact same script and creates a video of yourself delivering it with your own energy and passion.  Get my point?  It’s the same words but which becomes more effective?
  • 2 for the price of 1- The great part of doing a video is not only do you get all the benefits I have already gone over but you can also have the video transcribed, which means all the words you say get written down. Just like I do in my Selling Coaching University, below all my videos I have the video transcription.  This serves a few purposes… 1) it is there for anyone who prefers to read or who wants to go back to a certain part and maybe re read or copy what I said and have it in a written format. 2) It helps with SEO…because now when people search for topics like the ones you speak about… having all that in a written format will help them find you because more of the key words that they are searching for end up on your website in these video transcriptions.

So if you’re ready to take that leap, always remember Selling Coaching is the absolute best way to fast-track your business from a part-time hobby to a full-time career. Now get out there, GET LEADS, GET CLIENTS and GET PAID.

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