Call#6- How to build your tribe and keep them for life

Topic: Heart Centered Selling- How to build your tribe and keep them for life

Points covered:
• Customers are your equity
• The truth on content
• Developing your unique character
• How to develop your message, niche
• Your evolution
• How to be “real life”
• Why watching TV is so important


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Call Notes Courtesy of my client- Eyra Wright (she is amazing!)


Point #1        Coaches – Just get started.

Send emails any way!

Keep going any way!

Point #2        Build Your Community – Your Tribe

Giving what you know and asking for nothing in return – It is OKAY!

  • That is what they did with the Internet
  • That is what they did with Facebook

Jeff’s Private Group – Coach Collaboration

Jeff has created A Private Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/SellingCoaching/

The Purpose

  • Get interactive support
  • Permission to be scared
  • Creating a platform you cannot do without!

HOT TIP: Steps for getting over being overwhelmed – Too Much Information!!!!

  1. Take a look at everything you subscribe to and unsubscribe
  2. Which ones will you not follow anymore
  3. Turn Off Notifications

Heart-Centered Selling:

How to build your tribe and keep them for life

Customers are your equity!

Technically here is the bottom line.

  • The essence of our business is building a database
  • Creating a connection with people
  • It is not about numbers! WOW! It is about engaging people!
  • It is about sustainability!
  • They defend us; they want to live in the neighborhood!
  • Authentic and Unconditional giving

The truth on content

  • You can only keep so much content
  • Pair It Down!
  • The change is how you teach it

 Developing your unique character

  • A different perspective on covering your niche (who is my message for really?)
  • Why do we fall in love with superheroes or movie characters?
  • What’s your movie (back story) role? Lean into your back story!
  • Use what you have worked through as a connection point!

How to develop your message, niche

  • Go to the places you have been over the years
  • Align with your own challenges
  • Align with your own struggles
    • What was embarrassing?
    • What was hard?
    • How did you overcome it?
    • How do you maintain?
  • When you align with your character the character becomes your Ali!
  • Document your progress – I can create results
  • Share your life (get rid of the limiting belief “I want to keep my life private”
  • Are you likeable? Be relatable!
  • Go to people who know your flaws and still like you. What is it about you they like?
  • You become the SuperHero!

Your evolution

  • Your message and your business will change!
  • You evolve or your die!

How to be “real life”

  • Think about the jargon that you use – If you have to look it up it is jargon!
  • Make it plain
  • Keep it simple
  • Think about your audience and what they understand
  • Don’t talk “coach speak”
  • Look at the world and just speak of how you see the world today
    • People are overweight
    • People are broke and have money issues
    • People are dissatisfied with family and jobs
  • Use real terminology

Why watching TV is so important

  • Watch reality TV
  • What are people really going through?
  • See how people get connected to characters
  • Watch shows that relate to your niche and share with your clients
  • Create – Non-intimidation connection point

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